Headshot of Lynn Pierce

Lynn Pierce is a third year PhD candidate in counselor education and supervision at The Pennsylvania State University. Pierce holds a MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Georgia State University and is an Associate Professional Counselor (GA) and National Certified Counselor. Pierce is EMDR trained and is a Clinical Certified Trauma Professional. She has work experience with trauma, sexual/affectional and gender minorities and individuals with disabilities. Much of her interest is in how intersecting identities impact marginalized and minority individuals. Pierce is a service dog handler of 5 years and her research line centers on helping mental health professionals and related professions understand the laws applicable to service dog teams and how to interact with service dog handlers in positive ways to improve outcomes for this demographic. The majority of her advocacy work is related to increasing accessibility and equity for individuals with disabilities in counseling and counselor education settings. She is a past NBCC Minority Fellow, a current CSI Leadership Fellow, co-chair of the NARACES Accessibility and Equity Committee, and a 2020 NARACES Emerging Leader.

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